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Who we are...

We started in autumn 2018: Eight motivated scientists took partthe desire to insect collectionsto digitize three-dimensionally and to use the resulting models to raise public awareness of insect mortality. The growing circle of active members of our association now includes, among othersbiodiversity researchers the Technical University of Darmstadt (TUDA),Museum curators of the Hessian State Museum Darmstadt (HLMD),Physicist from the field of optical metrology Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences (h_da) andeducators. We are supported in the areaData management and visualization i.a. from the University and State Library Darmstadt (ULB) and the Darmstadt Graphics Group (DGG).

So we already bring a lot of know-how with us... Nevertheless, we are happy if we can also expand and consolidate our core competencies in the active member area!You are motivated and would like to contribute to the success of DiNArDa e.V? This is possible as part of an ordinary/active membership.Contact us. But you can also contact us in many other wayssupport...

DiNArDa_founding members

DiNArDa founding members (from the left)

PD dr Torsten Wappler (HLMD)

dr Sebastian Schmelzle (TUDA)

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Ströbel (h_there), Board of directors

dr Daniela Matenaar (HLMD), Board of directors

PD dr Michael Heethoff (TUDA), Chairman of the Board

Prof. Dr. Nico Blüthgen (TUDA), Board of directors

Prof. Dr. Stephan Neser (h_there)

dr Jorn Koehler (HLMD)

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